You cannot change who you are until you decided to wanting to change



I alleviate my anxiety through sense of humour. I don’t have a give of gab but when my brain sends me a message to tell this phrase because it’s funny, I will do that. That’s me. That’s my style. When someone tells you to change that style, think twice before you actually apply the change because of their feedback. When I was told that if I insert humour to a serious conversation, it tends to lose the essence of my message. I disagree. When a serious person or a speech or a statement suddenly delivers a shot of a humour, it actually will surprise your audience. Moreso, its gives their brain a sudden jolt which will benefit you actually. This jolt will awaken the monotonous brain wave and your message gives your listeners greater impact of your message. Same effect happens when a comedian does their “thing” then gives a sentence or two of a serious statement, doesn’t that impacted you more? Why? Because its unexpected. It’s not your usual way. Call this your strategy. This is your playing ground to create impact so it will leave a lingering message to your audience.


The only rule I have when I do this, I made sure that the humour is not offensive, rude or disrespectful.


So, if someone asked you to change your style, don’t! Don’t do it until you yourself decided that you wanted to do so.


Listen well. Evaluate. Make a choice. Live with your decision. Continue to adapt.


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  1. Avant-garde Coach - Reply

    March 4, 2014 at 8:20 pm

    Thanks Christina for the like. What did you like about it?

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