What your employees really want?

There have been various articles, blogs, commentaries and talks about what employees really want. We actually often missed the mark that all the while we simply thought that it’s all about the “money and benefits.” Moreso, most of our training is geared to enhance their skills and knowledge to equip them with tools in order for them to provide the “correct” services.

Little that we know that what they really want is your support, recognition, coaching and empowerment to get them living a life of purpose and meaning.

This is a critical stage of realization for them to continue loving what they love to do – just to be of service to others without sacrificing their own dreams, goals, self-care, heart and soul. But why can’t it both? It can! The right question here is: who is responsible to make this happen? Who will provide them help in enhancing their soft skills and continuous support to help them keep focus, empowered and alive? So, who? 



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