What is your defining moment?

What is considered to be a defining moment?


I am not defined by my failure. I am not defined by any heartbreak or mistakes I make. I define myself to whatever I chooses it to be. No one can define the quality of my work but myself.    Others’ definition does not quantify my outcomes unless I accepted to do so.


What is the best way to respond to a heartbreak? Here: I choose to consider these feelings of being human to feel pain. I am choosing to cry, feel angry and lost. But no one can tell me that someone else made me this way. I chose this path, not by others. I allow these moments of weakness because this is the only way I can reclaim my strength.


Can I do this without the pain? Absolutely! Our experiences are portals. We decide to enter the unknown in order to know or leave the mystery as it is. Choose you! Reclaim!  The better you that can become only serves the best of others and humanity.


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