The Toothpaste Story

On one of our stay at Nova Scotia, we run out of a toothpaste on our second day at Keltic Lodge. We asked the young bellman we met, Liam, on where we can buy a toothpaste that morning. He said: “the gift shop” near the lobby. Then he left to help another customer.


We went to the lobby and found out that the gift shop is still closed. Buffet breakfast is not opened so I demanded my husband for us to drive to another store to buy a toothpaste. So we did. Got the toothpaste, it was a good price. Returned to the Cottage and we went off to eat breakfast.


Liam caught on  us eating, the young bellman, and discreetly handing us over closed box of Colgate. We were both in awe. We can’t believe he did that for us. He remembered what his customer needed and did what he have to do. But we already bought one. We declined but truly grateful for his genuine gesture to help. I said, WOW! I can’t believe he actually did that. My husband and I still reeling over to what we witnessed. We were still so amazed to what he did, just amazing! What motivated him to do that? This is just an example of “going on a extra mile.”


We caught up with Liam after our breakfast. The eggs benedict was just delicious! Again, we said thank you for the 100th time. We told him we were just so impressed to that simple act but totally blown us away. He looks puzzled because we declined the toothpaste. We explained to him that we were impressed to what he did because no one would probably do to what he did. We just told him we need a toothpaste. Our predicament. But he happened to identify the “customer’s needs” and acted on the solution without being asked. We asked him why he did it. Liam said, he just know he knows he have to do it for us. He amazes us more when he continued to tell us the other things he did. He looked for us. He looked at the guest list and found 3 “Peter’s”, unfortunately, he does not know our last name. So he went and knock to all three doors just to look for us. He continued to search for us just to give the toothpaste. At that time,  I was just floored in amazement! Wow!


This young guy does not even know the amazing thing he did. He was so humble and focused to what he needs to do and did what he know is worth doing because its worth doing. I was inspired!


He inspired me:

  • To do what I know what worth      doing and just do it
  • Be focus on the goal and do      every steps to achieve it while maintaining honesty and truth
  • Be genuine to care
  • Look at serving others than      serve self
  • Be humble


Sunday, July 29, 2012; 11:14 AM


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  1. pgeorgehudson - Reply

    February 4, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    I’ll hire that guy Liam anytime!

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