The “Liam” Factor

“Liam” is a 16 year old young man that my husband and I met on our vacation in Nova Scotia. He is the bellman, gift store clerk, tour reservation clerk, etc. Yes many roles because he allowed himself to take those roles. He is young but enthusiastic to provide a service. He works at Keltic Lodge Resort and truly he  looks like he owns the place. Not by arrogance but the way he conduct himself in providing service…to satisfy his customers. He does this without knowing. He does this without asking for return like a tip. He does this with much”gusto.” He does this because he “wants” to. When we asked him what motivates him to be helpful and extend any help he can do with a smile. Yes, that’s right with a “smile.” A simple gesture but says a lot of what he does for you. Anyhow, so we asked Liam what motivates him, so my husband and I were waiting for this ground breaking answer, a response that would simply blows you away. Liam answered: “I don’t know, I just do it, I just love doing it. If someone needs help, I just help. If there’s not much to do, I look for something to do. I look if anyone needs help and I just do it.” Wow! Simple but it just made sense. This powerful response does not need big words but just as just Liam is, it was a simple act. It just struck me because things that are great does not need to be complicated. It is as simple as “Liam.”


So, my husband and I call this act of good service as the “Liam Factor.” Liam Factor is the “can-do attitude.” It’s “how can I help” without needing to be told he needs to do it. Liam Factor is a caring character because you want to be. He look for an opportunity to help. You do not wait for things to happen, you “create” – create a sense of service, create satisfaction, create joy with your environment, create opportunity, and create an end result that would make you feel good so you feel joy in your experience.

Sunday, July 29, 2012; 10:33 AM


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