The Fierce Me

edge of glory

Often I am asked of my credibility as a Coach, a Leader and an Entrepreneur. I am compared to those who have coached CEOs in Fortune 500 companies.  Those, who once held a high-ranking positions and who have founded companies with multi-million dollar revenues. When I hear this, I feel crushed. I feel like a diminutive particle where all my personal saboteurs come rushing into my head.  Whew! My response to that is “I’m not!” I am not a Coach who will exaggerate my credentials or experience. I will not boast in my Bio of such things.  I will not create a Linkedin profile that states that I have.

My business is a start-up and because of this, I know that I have long way to go.  Like any other start-up, I started with an idea, a dream, a hunger which is rooted in my passion to make the world a better place. That’s right, I aim for world peace! I desire to truly push humanity forward….to greatness and to freedom. Freedom from an imprisoned life of a 9-5 job; freedom from a lack of passion from work and relationships;  freedom from being told that you are not good enough; and  freedom from heartaches, from futile attempts to dream, aspire and achieve your own worth.

So, the question is why should you trust me to be your coach? Why should you trust me to lead you to a fully-lived life that you’ve always dream of? Why should you trust me to lead your team from a whining, complaining bunch who lack proper drive, into a high-performance group? Why should you invest in me to do this? Well….both of us need to continue to wonder that. I actually don’t have the right answer for you. Is there a “right” answer? What I can tell is that I will work to satisfy that curiosity and doubt. How?  I could hire a publicist, or a copywriter, or an image consultant to wrap me  up in a bow. Or I could hire someone to give me the look of a high-profile Leader, someone who will empower your team to an image of a wealthy, successful Entrepreneur. I can take all that money and invest it on just “image.” I can take all that money to “shock” your life into greatness. BUT!,  oh yes I am using a big bold “but” that most copywriters would not like me to use. BUT! – I will use this word anyways!

Here’s my “BUT:”

I am a young, 38 year old woman.

A Filipino immigrant of 13 years in Toronto.

A childless mother for 10 years.

An alluring wife to an Irish-Canadian.

A grammatically-error prone fiercely courageous leader.

A child-like spirit with the soul of a freedom fighter and a soft-spoken harsh realist who “always” sees possibility.


So, what you will expect if you work with me?

Actually, after reading this, I should be the one asking you: what resonated with you with what I already told you? If something ached inside – that’s me for you! Here’s what I learned from my co-active coaching program and the platform that kept me grounded so I can work with you with all my heart and soul: you are a resourceful, creative and whole person!

Ultimately, when you tell me “no” I see the “yes” for you (or your team). So, keep dreaming of what that possibility look like for you. You and I (with everyone else), will make that possibility a living reality now. If that scared you, well, it’s time for you to be scared. One last thing you should know, when you leap into the ledge – I will the first person to catch you. I promise!

So, what are you waiting for – get to know me more so we can start “together” to unravel you into your life of possibilities.


Honestly, if you tell me one more time with where I should not use my punctuations or use of bold letters or not break my paragraphs or don’t use any exclamation point or for whatever what it is, stop now because I will not follow that. I dare you to listen with your heart and be ignited with my message instead. My longing for you is for once, be a messy child-like thought creator.


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