Navigating Canadian Life Minus the Fears

Philippine Canadian Inquirer March 2016

How many times in your lifetime that YOU will be featured in a newspaper?  Of course, we hope it will not be due to crime or death! I was thrilled when The PHILIPPINE CANADIAN INQUIRER, the largest and only Filipino-Canadian newspaper distributed weekly all over Canada, decided to write about me and my story. They […]

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Do not be defined by someone else’s judgement

The Tao of Self-Confidence, Hawaii 2016

What happens when you stop listening to the voices of self-limiting beliefs? Listen to this. An interview by Sheena Yap Chan of the sunny paradise of Hawaii. Sheena is a podcast, blogger  of  The Tao of Self-Confidence.   I would like to hear your “empowered” voice here. Please post your comments.

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Calibration-Debunking the Myth about Work-Life Balance


Do you struggle with work/ life balance? Yes! Well, we all do. Welcome to the real world!   We heard about this over and over again. We incessantly hear ourselves that there’s not enough time in the world. I am guilty of this…well, I don’t know better then.   My work at Avant-garde led me […]

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Are you blind?


Do you ever wonder why we hear complaints more often than someone offering a solution? Why is it when we’ve been asked to talk about improvements we easily resort to finger pointing of faults and others’ responsibility than starting with the word “l” or “we”?  Are we by nature a  fault finder human being? Or […]

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