At work: to cry or not to cry?


I was watching Saving Hope where the Chief of Surgeon had lost a patient because another patient was so greedy to get ahead and placing the reputation of her hospital at risk to save another. Her other patient died and left a broken teenager, left with a broken life. The scene continued with another doctor […]

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Service culture: does it apply within the organization?

cartoon customer service get lost

This phrase resonated to me most when I read ​Jeff ​Eilertsen‘s article on Why Building a Strong Service Culture Answers CEO Top Challenges: But can “reshaping the culture of work” actually address all four top concerns? The answer is a resounding YES. As I work with clients worldwide, I see all four challenges being addressed and […]

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Do not wait – make things happen now!

slay the dragon first

I was so inspired by this quote. So, I posted it at work for everyone to see.   What is it for me then?   I do not need everything to be in place to create the opportunities I wanted to happen for me. Life’s epic moments happens during unlikely situations. Also, I realize that I cannot be […]

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How to be Epic?

Big dreams

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