Good life…does it exist?


My husband of 14 years has taught me invaluable lessons. Our discussions include polarized perspectives because we come from a different cultural background. What’s more, is we are 13 years apart in age. When I think about it, he actually has 13 years ahead of me in experience. He has already lived a life that […]

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Is this YOU?!


We are not just one thing. We are made of multiple facets that we can harness and live life fully. We think we can be great with one thing. It’s so linear. We never thought we can excel in multiple ways but we actually can. Just harness  it. When we’re  told to do something, just […]

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Are you blind?


Do you ever wonder why we hear complaints more often than someone offering a solution? Why is it when we’ve been asked to talk about improvements we easily resort to finger pointing of faults and others’ responsibility than starting with the word “l” or “we”?  Are we by nature a  fault finder human being? Or […]

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What is your defining moment?

Your defining moment

What is considered to be a defining moment?   I am not defined by my failure. I am not defined by any heartbreak or mistakes I make. I define myself to whatever I chooses it to be. No one can define the quality of my work but myself.    Others’ definition does not quantify my […]

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