How to deal with the Truth?


We always want to get to the truth of the matter. Right! But, remember that popular movie phrase: “You can’t handle the truth!” Well, it’s definitely true! We are not fully ready to handle the truth. We want it. We wish for it. We yearn for it. But, sadly we are not ready. We want […]

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Calibration-Debunking the Myth about Work-Life Balance


Do you struggle with work/ life balance? Yes! Well, we all do. Welcome to the real world!   We heard about this over and over again. We incessantly hear ourselves that there’s not enough time in the world. I am guilty of this…well, I don’t know better then.   My work at Avant-garde led me […]

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Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Go against the current

LIFE is a learning experience unlike any other – primarily housed in the form of easy to use audio CD’s and books – it takes a consistent and effective approach to each area of life. The core program of LIFE focuses on these 8 F’s of life: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, Finances, Fitness, Following and […]

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The school of possibilities: it must exist!

Your possibilities

The school of possibilities. Has anyone tried to learn of what courage is? Integrity? Nobility?   No? Why not?   We only discuss this yet we fail miserably time and time again when we go out in the real world.   Anthony Geremia of the Centennial College Blog wrote about:: “Once school ends, though, you’ll […]

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