Start-ups, how do you know if someone is taking advantage of you?


The journey of a start-up entrepreneur is arduously fulfilling and at the same time frustrating. I’m always flooded with many thoughts that sometimes it keeps me awake at night. What I passionately dislike are people who can take advantage of your vulnerability, naivety and your hunger for success. As if they can easily spot that about you and they will create an opportunity that would actually become a hurdle for you rather than a bridge towards your success. They come in masks like “I’m the one who is helping you but you have to pay me.” Well, here are my thoughts about that:

-if you feel in your hut (heart + gut) that this does not sound or feel right…trust that. Walk away and plainly just say thank you. You don’t need to give them an explanation. It is your right to say no. And from what I’ve learned from one of Jack Canfield’s success principles: be brave to say no to good things so you can do great things.

– if they tend to waver with their commitments…trust that. Be courageous enough to say you do not condone someone who can’t keep their commitments. You are already working hard to build your business therefore you do not need any laggards especially since you are paying them for their services.

As an entrepreneur, especially for a start-up, we deserve to surround ourselves with those who can uplift us. Never let anyone take advantage of you on what we can become because they said so. Don’t let anyone make you feel that you are not worthy. We deserve recognition just as any other successful business would.

Be brave. Be bold. Be authentically honest.


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  1. Avant-garde Coach - Reply

    April 6, 2014 at 5:18 pm

    Someone called me at Close up TV news that they are interested to feature me on a live radio while being interviewed with Doug Llewelyn. He asked me questions about what is the essence of what I do and said its inspiring to be told as a story. I would have said yes but I didn’t like the pressure of getting the payment now. So, I got suspicious and googled scams about this. Lo and behold its a scam.

    Same true to what I wrote about this. There are start-up entrepreneurs who have authentic, crazy ideas that even before they started they have so many barriers built up because of these scammers.

    I have known lots of authentic person as entrepreneurs and I believe on what they do. They care enough to face every obstacle with only one intention in mind: to authentically care about their clients/ customer.

  2. Avant-garde Coach - Reply

    February 21, 2014 at 8:18 pm

    I like your boldness Mom who wants to be a millionaire. Same question, I’m curious, what resonated with you in this particular blog?

  3. Avant-garde Coach - Reply

    February 21, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    Hey Lesley! Thanks for the like on this article. Just wondering, what resonated you with this blog? Just curious. Thanks!

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