“The main ingredient of stardom is the rest of the team.” — John Wooden


Mahal Hudson, COO & Founder

I’m a professionally trained co-active coach who believes in empowering leaders and supporting team advocacy. My passion for working with individuals and groups is connected to being both an optimist and a dreamer.

It all began when my younger sister, Marilag, was born with Epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. She cannot speak and cannot walk. She suffers from daily seizures and needs full care from her family. Although the years have gone by, I still yearn for her to say, “I Love You.” I often wish she could go shopping with me to try on new lovely dresses. When I was a child, I saw how my parents took care of her along with my other siblings. Despite Marilag’s constant needs, the four of us were able to attend private colleges and were given fair attention and love. My mother and father worked hard together, they also argued, and laughed a lot. They taught me that with hard work and unconditional love, anything is possible when you have hopes and dreams.

After immigrating to Canada on my own, I became involved with a non-profit organization serving individuals living with intellectual disabilities, their families, and the staff. My work became a mission to bridge unconditional love with unconditional service. In the spirit of this philosophy, I managed to resolve many conflicts and avert potential crises. I was touched by stories of people sharing their passions while also losing sight of their dreams. By showing unconditional love to those I encountered, I was able to encourage them to believe that their dreams were possible.

I was honoured to hear that I empowered and inspired the people I worked with. The lessons I learned from my parents informed my work the most. Through cultivating a positive outlook, I believe that anyone can serve with passion to both their family and community. My commitment to these beliefs – inspired by both my sister and my parents – is why I am called to be a coach.

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Elena Khomenko, Executive Coach

I became a coach after spending over 20 years of cultivating a dynamic career with top ranking global companies. During those years, I held jobs in advertising, marketing and general management on three different continents.

I am also a mother of an 18-year old creative genius and a partner to the best man on the planet. We share each other’s passions, dreams and memories about how we were changing schools, jobs and houses while moving our dog and our art collection around the globe.

Throughout my professional career I learned how to motivate people in a variety of organizational cultures. I acquired tremendous technical knowledge and had to master the art of corporate politics. However my passion has always been in people development and in building a culture of trust and inclusion.

I must confess that not everything I did was a success, but there has been a lot of great learning along the way. I was lucky to work with the best experts, the most creative colleagues and bosses with super-brains and mega-hearts.


Ranya El-Farnawani, Career Coach

Ranya has completed a Master of Education in Counseling Psychology (focus on Career Counseling) and a Bachelor of Education at the University of Toronto/O.I.S.E.. She also holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from McMaster University.

She is multi-lingual, and is a qualified Birkman consultant as well as an MBTI practitioner. She has completed coach training and leadership training through the world-renowned Coaches Training Institute and is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach.

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