• Community Meetups

    by The Avant-Garde Company

The basic idea behind our community meet-ups is to create a safe space for learning and sharing new ideas between our inspiring members.


Who knows, you might end up with a new friend!

Our Meet-ups bring together an eclectic group of passionate and inspiring individuals. Don’t be surprised if you end up with a new friend, business partner, or even someone to start a fun mastermind group with–there is plenty of that going on! We truly learn from each other and The Avant-Garde Company facilitates a safe space for the sharing of ideas, inspiring stories, and a broad spectrum of advice on becoming a better you–mind, body, and soul. Whether you are outspoken or shy, our meetup creates a loving environment for both styles to thrive. There is always a lot of beautiful learning and growing going on in our Empowering One Soul at a Time Meetup.

People who are attracted to this event are likely to be on the same page as you: life-loving, passionate, inspired and inspirational.

Just like you, I’ve been a go-getter since I moved to Toronto in 2001 and I know me. I want an avenue where I can be inspired and give inspiration. Corrina Gordon-Barnes of You Inspire Me Ltd, has been offering community meet-ups for solopreneurs. When I exchanged correspondence with her, that was my “Aha” moment.
Just like you, I know we- myself, my clients and my colleagues – need to meet up regularly with like-minded others in a friendly, cooperative, warm and mutually supportive space. To enjoy in-person contact, smiles, hugs, anecdotes, encouragement and to feel genuinely in community.
Neither social media nor traditional networking seem to be a great fit for passion-led people like you who want to escape the computer in a way that feels soul-nourishing. We’re discerning people and our time is precious; we’re picky about where we go and who we spend time with.
So, fusing together my personal passion for creating inspirations with my professional passion for supporting passion-led people, I offer you: EMPOWERING ONE SOUL AT A TIME MEETUP by The Avant-Garde Company.

As you’ll want to meet as many of the people in the room as possible and have proper conversations with them, we use the structure of speed dating. We co-ordinate this after the forum slot and we move at a relaxed pace; you’ll get to enjoy numerous one-on-one authentic conversations with interesting new people.

Here’s how each meet-up will run:
15mins – Arrive, meet new and old friends
1 hour   – Be inspired presentation plus chance for Q+A forum style
45 mins – Inspire others “speed dating” style

You’ll be most welcomed!
Event price does not include food or drink. We reserve the right to alter the named speaker without prior notice in the case of unforeseen circumstances.
Once you’ve booked your place, your name will be added to the guest list.
Please bring your confirmation email with you as proof-of-purchase. Your seat is non-refundable and can’t be switched to another date, but they are transferrable to another person who maybe on a waiting list. You can find someone yourself or let us know to find someone who’s keen for a ticket. Please let us know who’s taking your place and they’ll be warmly welcomed. Since we had a chat already, we believe that the person who is taking your spot has the same philosophy as you are about this meet-up.

Join our community meetup and sign up!

You probably know several other people who are looking for a stimulating environment like this so please do forward this webpage to them and encourage them to book their place.

Get in touch here.