“Elevate your Worth”
meant to build YOU and inspire YOU!


1. What qualifications required to attend this program?

You are a Filipino-Canadian meaning living/ working in Toronto for less than 5 years. You can be a nurse, lawyer, architect, teacher, broadcaster, Caregiver/ Nanny, Social Worker, etc. Whether you currently working as such or finding to work in the same field where you earned your degree or you are looking to transition in your career. This is for you.

Most importantly, if you are the person or know someone who feels:

  • You want a rewarding career without questioning yourself. Can I do this? Am I worth it? Am I good enough?
  • Feeling incapable. Feeling your accent is an obstacle.
  • Wondering “where do I get help”?  The “real” help, that will show me, challenge me, and give me real results.  
  • Don’t know how to break away from shyness, naivety and feeling small.

Then, this is for you. Register now!

2. Do I have to pay to participate?


Registering in this program means you are getting all three platforms in one tuition fee $297.00.

We have a simple, easy payment plan:

  • $99 upon registration
  • $99 on the day of the workshop
  • $99 a month after the workshop

Easy, manageable and you get the results immediately even before you paid in full. Because we want you to reap the rewards immediately.

Whatever works for you: cheque, any credit card, PayPal, Interac, email money transfer.

3. What form of payment do you take? Can I pay in PayPal?

We can auto-debit you with the 3 easy payment plans so you don’t have to worry about manually organizing your payments.

We can also invoice you as a reminder for your payments.

If cheque, please make it payable to The Avant-garde Company.

If email money transfer or  Interac, please send to mahal@avant-gardecoach.ca

4. Do I get a certificate of completion as proof of attending/ completing the program?


This certificate of completion in attending the 2-day in-class workshop, one-to-one success coaching for 1 month and 6 months group mentoring will be given at the end of the 6th program.

It is truly a celebration of the success of your journey.

You can provide a copy of this certificate to your workplace (or even post it on Facebook) as proof that you invested in your personal and professional development to improve your skills. The tools and strategies you will learn are meant to be transferrable and immediately applied to the workplace. This is a messaging to everyone you know that you are serious about your career growth and success. So, shout it out to the world! You deserve that!

5. Is there field work? Or some activities that meant to be applied in group situations besides inside the classroom workshop?


You are learning the tools and strategies from Day 1 and practicing them in real time. There will be lots of movements, listening, talking, group work and homework.

Your one-to-one coaching is meant for you to raise the challenges you have and move you into accomplishing the goals you set for yourself. We will kick-a…! You are meant to achieve results immediately so a lot of actionable steps and plans meant to be successful.

During the 6 months of group mentoring, you will be networking in different communities, groups, organizations to practice the skills. This is will be a group work with Mahal’s guidance and mentoring. You are meant to apply and take action to the wisdom you learned. Through networking, you are learning to build and GROW your network, resources, and your personal brand/ identity. With this, you become an invaluable resource to your work and community. Likewise, gives you an edge to leverage these resources by finding a meaningful career through referrals. Think about this, how could someone refer you if they do not know you and what you stand for?

6. Is it a weekday or weekend only workshop?

We designed the program with work-life balance as a priority. This is the culture here in Canada, so learn it from the get-go then.

Day 1 is a weekday – Friday (full day).

Day 2 is a weekend – Saturday (full day).

We suggest you request for a day off due to a personal reason or vacation from your workplace far in advance. You can tell them that you are attending this amazing program that requires you to attend a 2-day workshop. Direct them to us to make them feel valued about your request: www.avant-gardecoach.ca/elevate-your-worth

We do not give a promissory note for your absence from work. Stand up for yourself and make a choice to invest in YOUR growth. I promise you, 98.99% of the time, they will appreciate what you intend to do and approve your request. Simple. Period.

The same thing at home, your family deserve to be informed that you will be spending a full day of your Saturday with us. Tell them, you will have lots of stories and wisdom to share on Sunday. That would be a great family time then, right?!

7. Do you have dates/ sessions?

We will announce our next sessions very soon.

I encourage you to send us an email at mahal@avant-gardecoach.ca to be placed on a waitlist and we will send you an immediate announcement when new session dates are open.

Psstt…the location varies too so, will let you know when that happens.

8. Is it TTC accessible or free parking?

We are meant to bring our programs on different parts of the city.

And we meant to find a venue that is TTC accessible and free parking. We got you on this one!

9. More questions we have not covered?

There’s only so much we can cover at FAQ, that’s why it’s called frequently asked questions, right!

So, reach out to us at mahal@avant-gardecoach.ca or 647-688-5721.

You can also email your question at http://avant-gardecoach.ca/contact-info/

We promise we will get back to you within hours or no later than by the end of the business day.

We love questions so connect with us!

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