Do we really know how to be grateful?

I came to realize that we are by nature incapable to recognize what we are grateful about. Either we don’t know what to be grateful about or simply we lack the awareness how to be one.

I had an idea to put up an awesomeness wall at work. Crazy, daunting and partly scary. Some were receptive but some were skeptic. They simply don’t know what to recognize in their life with what they should be grateful about nor offer gratitude to someone else. There was a failure of appreciation though everyone are yearning to be recognized. This is telling of how can’t we be a giver. Why is that?



Gratitude is simply a token of recognition that you are a gift to this world. Your existence impacts others therefore make it count to inspire others instead. A simple sincere and genuine thank you would go a long way, possibly save a life.





So, are you ready to make a mark in this world and help others to do the same?



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