Difference Between Passion & Conviction

Conviction and Passion….they are synonymous. But I like the word conviction than passion. There’s nothing wrong with passion, oh God no! Conviction seems a discipline of passion. It is firm, strong and formal. Passion is emotionally loose and biased. Conviction has power, its disciplined and strategic.


As I venture to think more about these two words, why not google it of its definition. Conviction was defined as a firmly held belief or opinion. While passion is a strong, barely controllable emotion or a state or outburst of such emotion. Geez! Its good I’m on the right track on how I feel about these two words.

I always ask myself what can I do to explain to my staff that what I need from them is not just do their job but do a job that speaks the conviction of their self to what they intend to do.  If they do of what speaks the person they are supposed to be, it becomes a satisfying truth of who they are and what they want to become.


Its embracing the true self with knowing how to express it either with words or actions. Conviction then become a tool to embrace the true expression of oneself.


Not speaking of what needs to be said nor acting on something needed to be acted upon becomes a hesitation to speaking the truth. However, speaking and acting out of mere expression due to thoughtless act of passion is not an acceptable way of life. It shouldn’t be allowed, condoned nor accepted by anyone at all. Conviction has respect. It didn’t mean that passion doesn’t. Conviction has clear indication of a passionate truth combined with respect. It is used wisely and expressed smartly.


I want my staff to stand on conviction. Have conviction to who they are on words and action because it speaks the truth and respect!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011; 8:51 PM


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