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Superheroes Unmasked

10 Powerful ways to lead without fear


This book is a DARE to explore the humanity of the various roles we assume for being a leader, whether leading a team at work, or with your own family, or within the community.

The intent of this book is to create significant impact in the complexity and issues of what a leader’s role is meant to be, while holding nothing back. Mahal creates relevance in these pages about the vulnerabilities and truths about what it really means to be a legitimate leader of people. She will reveal exactly what it takes for leading to actually occur.


Transform Your Life! Book 2

Inspirational Stories and Expert Insights


Written by inspirational group of authors, each offering his or her unique viewpoint, expertise, and inspiration to invoke a transformed life.

Mahal is a co-author of this book. She wrote the chapter about “The Fierce Me: An Immigrant’s Journey of Self-Empowerment.”

Be empowered by her story!


Financial Development

Get out of debt and stay out of debt. Become DEBT FREE and financially free now!


What is required is an understanding of the principles behind the offense, defense, and playing field of personal finance.

Get a financial education that involves budgeting, roll-down reduction training, planning tools, offensive game plans, teaching on how to arrange your money into hierarchy, and even information on how your nation’s monetary policy affects your money.

Also available in French and Spanish

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Professional Development

Training is Temporary. Development is Permanent.


LLR Corporate Education Program is designed not just to train employees but to develop leaders and to transform the corporate world!

Leadership development is arguably the single most important investment any company can make. The leader creates the culture; the culture delivers the results.


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Employee Engagement

The Simplest Tool for A GREATER WORKPLACE


Officevibe lets you measure employee satisfaction in real-time with our pulse surveys and gives you actionable tips to build a better workplace based on your results.

FREQUENT, HONEST FEEDBACK in just 5 minutes per month.

Find out exactly what your employees want to make them happier and more productive.