Do we really know how to be grateful?


I came to realize that we are by nature incapable to recognize what we are grateful about. Either we don’t know what to be grateful about or simply we lack the awareness how to be one. I had an idea to put up an awesomeness wall at work. Crazy, daunting and partly scary. Some were […]

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Does good customer service truly exist?

Customer Service

I think everyone agrees with me that there’s no customer service  anymore. This maybe harsh or judgmental of me to say. However, we truly complain about this almost everyday and do feel that it does not exist anymore.   The worst thing is we tell ourselves that it’s just a common sense. Is it? The other […]

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What your employees really want?


There have been various articles, blogs, commentaries and talks about what employees really want. We actually often missed the mark that all the while we simply thought that it’s all about the “money and benefits.” Moreso, most of our training is geared to enhance their skills and knowledge to equip them with tools in order for them […]

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Customer Service – Where does it belong in your organization?


Customer service is a term that all of us have used and abused. But most of us does not really know what it means. We have a narrow perspective that it’s all about serving those people who “buys” from us. When there is no exchange of money as a form of exchange to the services, […]

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