Las Vegas is a land of paradox. Sometime’s it’s just respect.


Las Vegas is a land of paradox. People come here to have a good time consequently, you end up spending money just to do that. The strip is a hustle and bustle of beautiful people while the ugly side lingers among the local beggars. The hustlers of the strip and downtown can’t be ignored. Whether you […]

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Do not wait – make things happen now!

slay the dragon first

I was so inspired by this quote. So, I posted it at work for everyone to see.   What is it for me then?   I do not need everything to be in place to create the opportunities I wanted to happen for me. Life’s epic moments happens during unlikely situations. Also, I realize that I cannot be […]

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How to be Epic?

Big dreams

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What does an enriched life looks like?

meaningfull life

What does an enriched life looks like? If you are mother, could you describe how does it feel having an enriched life? Would that be time spent with your children? Or a date night with your spouse? Or would that be a moment of quiet time: to breathe, soak up the sun, listening to your […]

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