Leadership is Within Us!

@AvantgardeCoach Hey Mahal! I was going to send you pics of me dancing on the beach in #sandiego, but this is better: pic.twitter.com/PWJsd74Ory — InspireMeComm (@InspiremeComm) February 8, 2015

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The school of possibilities: it must exist!

Your possibilities

The school of possibilities. Has anyone tried to learn of what courage is? Integrity? Nobility?   No? Why not?   We only discuss this yet we fail miserably time and time again when we go out in the real world.   Anthony Geremia of the Centennial College Blog wrote about:: “Once school ends, though, you’ll […]

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At work: to cry or not to cry?


I was watching Saving Hope where the Chief of Surgeon had lost a patient because another patient was so greedy to get ahead and placing the reputation of her hospital at risk to save another. Her other patient died and left a broken teenager, left with a broken life. The scene continued with another doctor […]

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Service culture: does it apply within the organization?

cartoon customer service get lost

This phrase resonated to me most when I read ​Jeff ​Eilertsen‘s article on Why Building a Strong Service Culture Answers CEO Top Challenges: But can “reshaping the culture of work” actually address all four top concerns? The answer is a resounding YES. As I work with clients worldwide, I see all four challenges being addressed and […]

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