Calibration-Debunking the Myth about Work-Life Balance


Do you struggle with work/ life balance? Yes! Well, we all do. Welcome to the real world!   We heard about this over and over again. We incessantly hear ourselves that there’s not enough time in the world. I am guilty of this…well, I don’t know better then.   My work at Avant-garde led me […]

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Dare to talk about the “Itch”

I’m always on a lookout for something avant-garde so I can shake up this world. I didn’t realize I would find these two ladies: Olivia and Chantal.    They are the inventors of 2lip. These ladies are passionate about their work and their mission. I find it truly inspirational that they turned their “lightbulb” moments into entrepreneurship. Such a risk […]

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Live the Life You’ve Always Wanted

Go against the current

LIFE is a learning experience unlike any other – primarily housed in the form of easy to use audio CD’s and books – it takes a consistent and effective approach to each area of life. The core program of LIFE focuses on these 8 F’s of life: Faith, Family, Friends, Freedom, Finances, Fitness, Following and […]

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Is this YOU?!


We are not just one thing. We are made of multiple facets that we can harness and live life fully. We think we can be great with one thing. It’s so linear. We never thought we can excel in multiple ways but we actually can. Just harness  it. When we’re  told to do something, just […]

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