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Your possibilities awaits

The Avant-Garde Company is a Toronto based coaching firm with the aim of breaking boundaries to reach your optimum level of love and life.

We like to believe that we are the rebels of forward thinking in coaching!
We will be your guide to your journey to transform:

…..your dreams and vision in life; 

…..your passion back again; and 

…..your pathway towards success into a realized present. 

You will be re-awakened toAspire. Achieve. Accelerate  with our amazing team of professionals: Meet the Happy Team

  • "Go confidently in the direction of your dreams, live the life you've imagined." -Henry David Thoreau

So, why Avant-garde?

It’s a French word for “advance guard” or “vanguard,” literally “fore-guard.”

The term refers to people or projects that are experimental and innovative. It also means working within traditional structures while also seeking to break free of boundaries.

So, we made a choice…

We are delivering coaching in an “avant-garde” experience.

Who is it for? Glad that you ask.

Avant-garde Coaching is for you–if you desire to:

…..Reinvigorate your life’s passion through coaching;

…..Re-examine your dreams and goals in making it into a viable reality;

…..Reignite your energy, because sessions will help you gain wisdom, process these ideas and feelings into workable solutions towards life changing success and…

…..Strengthen “accountability” to oneself for others.

So, are you ready to astound yourself again? Get back to the “you” that you were always meant to be?

Be brilliant?

Radiate success energy?

Because we are ready! Are you?


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